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Play UK National Lottery online


Playing the UK National Lottery with e-lottery

With a record jackpot of £42 million GBP, the UK National Lotto is one of the richest, lump-sum, tax-free lotteries in the world. Played twice a week and televised live on the BBC, each draw offers players the chance to win a jackpot running to millions of pounds!

To win the jackpot, players must match their selected 6 numbers with the 6 main numbers drawn from a pool of 49, numbered 1–49. Besides the jackpot, there are other prizes to be won if players match 3, 4 or 5 numbers or 5 numbers plus the “bonus ball” (drawn separately after the 6 main numbers).


Syndicates allow people to pool their lottery entries, giving them a greater chance of sharing money from a lottery. Camelot, operators of the UK National Lottery, say 1 in 4 jackpots are won by syndicates! e-lottery now allows you to play in a syndicate with a difference.

So how does the e-lottery syndicate system work?

When playing the UK Lotto with e-lottery, you will be automatically placed into a syndicate of 49 members for both draws (Wednesday and Saturday) each week.
Each syndicate has 44 entries/lines into each UK Lotto draw, with each line sharing 5 common numbers plus one unique number between 1 and 49 (these unique numbers are the 44 remaining numbers after your syndicate has been given their 5 common numbers).

How The Multi-Win System Works With UK National Lottery.

Just look at our RESULTS:

In 696 UK Lotto draws, e-lottery syndicates:
  • have matched 3 balls 120,014 times, with members sharing total cash prizes of £1,200,140!
  • have matched 4 balls 6,498 times, with members sharing total cash prizes of £422,934!
  • have matched 5 balls 96 times, with members sharing total cash prizes of £172,068!
  • have matched 5 balls plus the bonus ball 8 times, with members sharing total cash prizes of £526,146!

Just in the last four weeks, e-lottery syndicates have shared £38,501!

You can’t argue with those numbers!

Play every week from the convenience of your armchair

e-lottery takes all the hassle out of playing the lottery…

We manage your syndicate and make sure 44 entries are ALWAYS purchased for every draw, even if some of your syndicate members drop out. We collect all the funds, buy all the tickets, and distribute 100% of the winnings directly to you.

No deductions are made from your share of any winnings!

You even get your own e-lottery website, where you can look at:

  • Your winnings
  • Your draw results
  • Your Member profile
  • Your payments
  • Your syndicate numbers

You don’t have to worry about finding other members to join the syndicate or about collecting their money for each draw - that’s taken care of by e-lottery. Besides which:

  • It’s simple, fun and convenient
  • No more forgetting to buy tickets
  • No last-minute panics when there are big rollovers
  • No more losing your ticket
  • No more forgetting to check your numbers - we email the results to you right after each draw, plus they will be displayed on YOUR website
  • No need to collect winnings from a shop - we send you your share of the winnings
    No more forgetting to collect your winnings
  • Your syndicate is guaranteed to match all 6 numbers on one line or another, meaning at least one line will need to match just 5 numbers to hit the jackpot
  • jackpot than playing as an individual or in an ordinary syndicate
  • If 3 or more of your e-lottery syndicate’s common numbers are matched with any of the 6 main numbers drawn, ALL 44 lines will win a prize!

Just click here to join an e-lottery syndicate today


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